Great DIY projects are less about skill level, and more about getting inspired by a great idea. For example, you might be able to guess by looking how one crafty lady turned this ordinary door into a piece of art, but that doesn't mean you'd have thought to do it. I know I wouldn't have... but now I just might. Click through to see more inspiring ways to use painter's tape to add some unique touches to your home! 

Side Table Transformation.

I paid $10 for the box at Goodwill, $6.48 for a 4-lb box of Plaster of Paris (and I only used a couple of tablespoons, so I have enough left to last me for a very long time!), and $2.94 for the paint sample (and, again, I barely used any), so total up-front cost comes to less than $20 for a unique side table and place for storage!

says Alina of My Yellow Umbrella of her DIY creation. I don't know about you, but I'd love this in my house!

Wall art using 1/4" painter's tape
. Making wall art is so much easier than it looks. Michael's is almost always having a sale on canvases, so follow this link to try it yourself!

DIY Chevron Rug. Pug not included, unfortunately. Still, what a fun and easy project with such clean and professional-looking results. Guess i'll stop shopping for a rug now. Link.

This lampshade design goes to show, it doesn't take much practice, just a little motivation, to make a truly unique piece for any room in your house.

Pardon me while I start stenciling everything I own. Happy DIY-ing!

Will you try any of these simple projects?