It shouldn't come as a surprise that an app as creatively open-ended as Draw Something would spawn a meme or two. First we saw the cringeworthy Rihanna/Chris Brown trend in the game, and now there's a running joke with an even more nefarious figure: Hitler.

In case you aren't familiar with Draw Something, it's a smartphone game played with a partner. One person is given a word to draw, and their partner has to guess it, much like Pictionary. But a Scottish man named Michael decided to add a twist to the game by adding Hitler to drawings...and then telling his partner to ignore the dictator.

The meme has caught on quickly, as they are wont to do, and the "Ignore Hitler" Tumblr has over 9,000 followers, with about 50 submissions per day. Michael says that he started the joke as a way to make fun of Hitler and encourage creativity in the game. While Hitler may be a controversial character to be known for, Draw Something's parent company, Zynga remains silent on the issue, and hasn't yet made an effort to stop the trend. [via Buzzfeed]

What do you think of the "Ignore Hitler" trend? Is it tacky or funny?