Getting a magazine (or two) in the mail each month can be so exciting. But paying an arm and a leg for a subscription is absolute nonsense. That's why I don't anymore! 

I used to just dream about magazines, and then I started subscribing to them. I paid way too much for some of my subscriptions. I thought I was getting the best deal by going to the magazine's website. It turns out that is not always the best deal. While some magazine's websites sometimes do offer the best deal, it doesn't hurt to check elsewhere for a better deal.

There are tons of sites that sell magazines for much cheaper than the newsstand price, but I wouldn't trust most of them. Two sites that you can trust are Amazon and MagCloud.

These are two very different sites. Amazon sells magazine subscriptions for popular magazines that you see on the newsstand for a fraction of the price. Their rates change quite often. So when you see a magazine you like for a great price, you should buy it. Just yesterday, Amazon offered a year subscription of Marie Claire for $5.00. That's pretty awesome! (Too bad I missed my chance.)

As for MagCloud, it offers magazines that aren't available on newsstands. Anyone can make the magazines that are on this site, but some of them are really awesome. And many of them offer free downloads. I trust this site because I've used it before. I made my own magazine, and I've downloaded tons of other magazines. You can also purchase print copies from this site, and they are really high quality. As long as you have a PDF viewer, you can get digital copies on your computer. This is a great way to read magazines for free.

I trust both of these sites for high quality magazines at great prices.

Do you get any magazines? Where do you get them from?

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