Actress Bryce Dallas Howard, who made a Hollywood name for herself in movies like Twilight: Eclipse and The Village, recently had a lovely baby girl.  Mazel tov! But while most people tend to fawn over new mothers and their offspring, TMZ reacted in a more controversial fashion: pointing out her baby weight gain. On Mother's Day. Ouch.

TMZ tactfully decided to feature Bryce's photos last Sunday (the perfect time to remind moms of pregnancy weight gain) in a post entitled "It Takes a Village." Because she was in The Village! And now they're implying she's the size of a village! Get it? While the gossip site technically didn't criticize Bryce (it only mentions her "post-pregnancy legs"), posting the photos for an audience used to starlets dropping baby weight in two weeks opened up a verbal slaughter in the comments. Here are some of the gems:

Newborns sleep all the time so stop the laziness and junk food. 4 months is plenty of time to loose the baby weight."

"DAMN!!! Most of these actress' work to lose the load pretty fast. She seems to be playing "universe". "She's ever expanding... Sorry Bryce, but you have cowed out, BIG TIME! Those thighs could feed a village of cannibals for a few weeks!"

"The article may say Bryce Dallas Howard on it, but all I'm seeing are photos of Hugh Jass."

Those hurt to read, especially since Bryce is more of a physical representation of new moms than most women we see in Hollywood. Thankfully, a number of commenters on sites like Jezebel and xoJane are showing support for her post-baby body. One commenter wrote, "I LOVE this picture of Bryce. It makes me feel normal," which seems to be the general sentiment on the boards. While some meanies on the Internet may be hell-bent on making women feel bad about their figures, it's nice to know there are body-positive arenas, too.

What do you think of TMZ's post? What about commenter reactions?

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