It's that time of year again: Graduation. I really like living in a college town because I can feel the ebb and flow of the students matriculating every year. Just knowing that they're all just about to embark into the "real world" brings me back to my own graduation from college. The lucky ones of us had some awesome speakers at our graduation ceremonies — seriously, how lucky were Harvard grads in '07 to have Oprah? — and they've said some really memorable stuff over the years. Take a trip into the not so distant past and see what some prominent public figures offered as advice to new graduates. 

Steve Jobs was always thinking ahead of his time, but this quote takes the cake. He was so self-aware, and I think that's the main thing he meant to impart on the next generation. Check out more inspiring quotes from some famous and noteworthy faces in the slideshow — who knows, maybe it'll lift your spirits today!

What's your favorite quote?