With summer fast approaching, it’s time to think about which bathing suit I’ll choose to wear when it’s time to hit the beach. Soon after I arrived home from school for summer vacation, my sister and I made a trip to the mall to peruse the racks of our favorite stores and see which bikinis were in style this season. While I found some adorable swimsuits, I also noticed that a great many of them looked a lot like… underwear.

I have been an avid swimsuit shopper for many summers, yet I have never encountered a suit with a top that looks more like a bra than a bikini. Apprehensive, I tried one on, hoping that maybe it wouldn’t look as strange as I expected. While it was a comfortable suit with a cute pattern, I just couldn’t get over the fact that I looked like I was wearing underwear. Feeling awkward in the dressing room, I decided, did not give me much hope for how I would feel poolside. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here are some suits that could give you a better idea of what these lingerie-inspired swimsuits look like:

These are just a few examples. They’re all great colors (I especially like the purple one), but I just wouldn’t feel comfortable hanging out on the beach in a swimsuit that looks like lingerie. While bikinis do often have a shape similar to regular underwear, in my opinion these suits ride the line between cute swimwear and undergarments.

Personally, I’m a fan of bright tops in triangle or strapless styles. Check the gallery for some of my favorite swimsuits this season:

So what do you Lovelies think? Are the lingerie-inspired swimsuits a good thing or bad? What kind of suit will you be wearing to the beach this summer?

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