We'll start with a personal photo. This is my own adorable man and the cat who is forever glued to his side. Casper is my cat, mind you. I raised him from a kitten. He's now thirteen and could give two craps about me when my boyfriend is around. It seems though, that I have an inborn disadvantage: the inability to be a dude. Apparently, cats dig them. Here are 14 photos as proof

I want to know this cat, who obviously got into a beanbag chair... and now sorely regrets it. Dudes have a sweet spot for their animal pals. My boyfriend never had a cat in his life till he met me, and now he wouldn't know what to do without the little stinker. Dudes and cats, a match made in heaven. Check out the rest of the adorable awesomeness in the gallery. And see even more dudes with cats at Buzzfeed. Happy Tuesday!

Who's your favorite cute dude and cat combo?