There's an issue in hot debate amongst fashion-minded women these days: mullet skirts. In case you haven't been exposed to them yet, these pieces are long in back, short in front, and tend to start arguments. I innocently enough picked up a $15 navy mullet skirt at Target a few weeks ago, not knowing that some fashionistas consider the trend to be a huge faux pas. I simply thought it was cute, and that it fluttered nicely in the breeze. But after hearing a few snide comments and reading posts with titles like, "In Defense of the Mullet Skirt," I realized I had unwittingly chosen sides in a fashion debate.

I'm not one to waste money, and the skirt looks good on me and works well in my wardrobe. So even if my purchase is somewhat unfashionable, I'm not going to lose sleep over it. Though I suppose I can see where naysayers' aversion comes from; the mullet skirt is clearly a trend that probably won't be around in ten years, but will put an easy "2012" timestamp on photos. Nonetheless, fashion is filled with fleeting looks, and I'm OK with embracing this one. Hopefully, looking back, it won't be as cringeworthy as bucket hats or whiskered jeans.

What do you think of mullet skirts? Would you wear one?

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