Who can resist a delectable mini bundt cake, with icing and sprinkles on the top?  Well, how about in a soap too? MSN has released a list of dessert-inspired soaps that look delicious enough to eat!

Like the lemon-scented Bundt Cake Soap, these unique soaps give life to the once dull bath soaps and add character to your bathroom. 

This Lush Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt not only turns your bath into a fluffy pink color, but has cocoa butter to soften the skin. 

This Cocoa Cold Process Soap chocolate bar with hints of rum, whipped cream and caramel gives your bath a creamy feel and smells amazing!


If you love cookies, then you will love these bath soaps! This French Macaron Soap looks as good as it smells and is the perfect addition to your bathroom.


These popsicles look exactly like the real thing! With smells of basil, lime and coconut, the Natural Glycerin Soap Pops are fun way to brighten up your bathroom this summer!


What do you get when you mix the smells of cotton candy and cupcakes? The Jumbo Cotton Candy Cupcake Soap! You get the look of a cupcake without those pesky calories.


The Ice Cream Soapwich has to be one of my favorites – and makes me feel like a kid again just by looking at it! This soap is scented with cake batter and chocolate oils – and looks like the real thing.


The Gummy Bear Soap is perfect for kids (and adults) with scents of lime cherry, tangerine, kiwi and many more.


Here’s a scrub that you will never get tired of. This Cake Batter Scrub softens and moisturizes skin in a yummy-looking package.


So, whether you’re looking to impress house guests with unique soaps or just want to mix it up, these dessert soaps are perfect to complement your bathroom.

Would you try these delicious-looking soaps? 

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