Recently, I came across an artist named Brandi Roberts (she majored in interior design) who creates incredibly awesome floor plans of fictional sitcom homes. I wanted to purchase one of her prints, but at the time I was just too broke. Then this morning, they went up on and I was super happy! Guess who has two thumbs, wants to buy the floor plan for the Roseanne house (pictured above) and just got paid… this gal.

Brandi has laid out tons of fantasy sitcom homes (everything from ‘I Dream of Jeanie’ to the ‘Mad Men’ offices) with incredible detail. It was so hard to decide which one to purchase. I almost got the Golden Girls’ floor plan, based solely on the fact that she actually drew a tiny purse on Sofia’s bed. But alas, my childhood sitcom loyalty lies with Roseanne.

You can buy her prints and see more here.

What was your favorite sitcom as a kid?

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