I'm one of those women who constantly think about the future — there always seems to be something new for me to worry about. How do I keep my dyed hair healthy? How do I avoid wrinkles? What can I do to prevent spider veins? What will I look like in 10 years, 20 years, 30 years? We compare ourselves to the Photoshopped celebrities, models and actresses that grace the covers of our favorite magazines, but sometimes that can be a good thing if they look as remarkable as Jennifer Aniston at 43 years old. 

Some don't age as gracefully as others, but many of my favorite celebs have managed to stay glowing or have done a complete 180 since their younger years. Yeah, they might have the money to hire personal trainers, nutritionists, hair stylists, beauty experts, etc., but regardless of what they've done to look gorgeous, I give them major kudos.

I vote Jennifer Aniston, Lovelies! Which celeb do you think has aged the most gracefully? 

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