Two fearless heroes of their respective industries: Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue and faux-GOP smart-a$s Stephen Colbert went toe-to-toe about the real issues this week. Those issues being: Whether fashion is considered art, feelings on gay marriage, and the likelihood of a date to Long John Silver's...? Check out the borderline-ridiculous (as if we'd expect anything less) video from The Colbert Report below. 

Wintour is her usual adorably English self, pert bob and tiny dress on point. And without any fashion design hopeful's future hanging in the balance, she's at ease in the interview. Colbert is his usual hard-hitting self, too. He touches on some serious and not so serious issues. Anna remarks that there were "tears in the Vogue offices" upon hearing president Obama endorse gay marriage, and goes on to promote her purpose for being there which was an exhibit at the Met and an upcoming film. She jabs with a dig on his personal style, he left-hooks by citing The Devil Wears Prada, she gives him a one-two-punch telling him that's "so last yeahhh." The best part is at the end, though. If anyone in New York City sees a man in a suit walking alongside a woman wearing zebra-print sweatpants headed for Long John Silver's, please do let us know.

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