With all the hubbub surrounding The Avengers' release last weekend, it was easy to forget that Miley Cyrus had a new movie come out, entitled LOL. And despite having well-known names like Demi Moore in it, the flick flopped. Big time. Check out the trailer and see if you can figure out why!

For some comparison, The Avengers raked in an average of $47,698 per theater this weekend, while LOL earned $46,500...nationwide. This means that it earned about $440 per theater, but FilmDrunk breaks the numbers down even further:

Divide that by $11, which is about your average ticket price, and it comes out to 40 people per theater who saw LOL this weekend. The closest theater to me showing LOL had five showings per day. Multiply that by three days, fifteen showings, and that’s 40 people into 15 screenings, meaning, if my math serves (and I fully acknowledge that it might not), that the average screening of LOL had LESS THAN THREE VIEWERS (2.667).

To be fair, I'm not sure anything could compete with The Avengers, especially a movie that Lionsgate gave up on and put on the back burner for two years. Here's the trailer for LOL; watch it and decide if the flick ever had a fighting chance:

What do you think of the trailer? Did LOL deserve the turnout it received?

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