If you haven’t been living under a rock, than you probably have heard about the international obsession with Fifty Shades of Grey. Women (and some men) are rushing to get a copy of this popular trilogy. Well, there could be good news for you devoted fans: a movie may be in the works! 

While there is no current cast as of yet, there are talks of who would be a great choice in this rumored movie. After reading the books, I thought of a few celebrities that might be perfect for the role of the two main characters, Christian and Anastasia. 

First, the mysterious Christian: Chris Pines, Armie Hammer, Christian Bale. Each of these celebrities have the striking good looks of Christian's character.

My pick: Chris Pines.

For the bashful and innocent Anastasia: Amanda Seyfried, Elizabeth Olsen, Emmy Rossum. The bright, wide eyes would bring out Anastasia's shy look. 

My pick: Amanda Seyfried.

Of course some may have to work on some minor cosmetics (ie. hair color), but it is great to brainstorm and give a face to the characters we are fixated on!

Who would you choose to star as Christian or Anastasia in "50 Shades Of Grey"?

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