Demi Moore, you are missing a tooth, girl. I would never tweet that! But I guess when you're famous nothing's really private, even your snaggletoothed trip to the dentist. And Demi's not the only one. Twitter has given anyone with a smartphone the ability to capture a moment and blast it to anyone who's interested, and celebrities are no exception. Turns out a lot of celebrities — actors, musicians and sports stars alike — can't resist a snap during their dental visit. Take a look at more celebs who are A-OK with some TMI below.


Kim Kardashian's famous face wouldn't be the same without that glowing smile. The celebs we love have to keep those pearly whites in check, might as well share the pain and weirdness with your fans, right? See more celebs who got camera-happy at the dentist in the gallery.

Would you ever tweet from the dentist's chair?

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