It took me a minute to wipe the confusion off my face when I saw the cover of W's June issue. But apparently Tom Cruise — in full rock star getup — is just in character for his upcoming role as Rock Of Ages' fictitious rock legend Stacee Jaxx. The movie adaptation of the Broadway hit will feature a staggeringly star-studded cast including Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand, and Paul Giamatti to name a few. And while I'm not sure I buy Tom Cruise as a sex symbol, I'm always a fan of a movie-musical! See the trailer below. 

I have to admit, with six-pack abs and some pretty convincing tattoos, I hardly recognize Tom Cruise. This film looks to be the next shot at a Moulin Rouge or Chicago, with its period-appropriate glam garb and '80s lingo; and with Adam Shankman of Hairspray fame at the helm, it's likely there will be as many laughs as there are power ballads in this adaptation. Watch the trailer and tell us what you think. The release date is set for June 15 of this year.

Was Tom Cruise the right choice for Stacee Jaxx? Are you excited for this film?

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