Patricia Krentcil made national news this week when she allegedly put her 6-year-old daughter in a tanning bed, giving her a sunburn. While the jury is still out on the allegations, Krentcil has since become known on the Internet as simply "Tan Mom" and made her first appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend... played by Kristen Wiig. In typical SNL fashion, there are truths and embellishments, but I have to say this is up there with Wiig's impression of the embattled Lana Del Ray a few months ago for quality humor. Take a look. 

The toast! I have to hand it to Wiig for making a satire without making a you-know-what out of herself and the woman in question. Besides, it's an honor to be spoofed on SNL, right? 

What did you think of Kristen Wiig's impression?

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