Lea Michele seems to think she's found her twin! The 25-year old recently tweeted this pic to Kim Kardashian:

Convinced? I'm not. I think Lea looks a little too...innocent to be a Kardashian; Kim's look is a bit more sultry. However, sisters they could be! But these two aren't the only celebs who look alike. Check out more below!

Some of these blew my mind. Idina Menzel and Nelly Furtado could actually be the same person. Kirstie Alley and Fergie was a stretch for me; I would say a few of these pairs could be family at best.

It's surprising how many doppelganger duos there are in Hollywood. People always tell me Amanda Seyfriend and I could be sisters. Maybe this means I could get my day in the spotlight!

Lovelies, which set of celebs do you think looks the most alike. Is there any celebrity that you look like?

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