And the new face of V Magazine's Americana issue is...Ke$ha?

The usually-eccentric "rock" pop star looks perfectly patriotic in her American flag face paint, donned for the cover and photo spread. Check out more of her patriotic pics below.

Wow..Ke$ha? Could it really be you? She looks less "in the streets" here, and absolutely stunning in her flag dress and cowboy boot ensemble. It's a wonder what natural makeup can do for a pretty face. 

Totally unrecognizable. Maybe the face paint helps since she's known for her insane makeup and beauty trends, but this girl is a natural beauty, and an American girl through and through.

As for being the "new hope for rock 'n roll" as V Magazine predicts, we'll have to see.

Lovelies, what do you think of Ke$ha's American ensemble?

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