Summer is here, which means the sun is out and shining! Sunglasses are in full effect, but Wayfarers and aviators are totally out, according to some people...

Who obviously have some strange taste. Censor glasses? Tattooed on eye wear? Check out some more fancy frames in the gallery below.

I'm a contacts wearer: i don't like wearing my glasses as I don't like the sensation of something sitting on my face for hours on hours (maybe that's why that one guy got them tattooed on...or maybe not). Some of these frames just seem too crazy to be real. Pierced in bridges are a little extreme. How do you explain that to people? "Yeah, I got this pierced so I could hold my glasses on."

I do think the dog glasses are pretty adorable. Not that I would ever subject my poor puppy to this. He already runs away when I bring out reindeer ears at Christmas! 

Lovelies, do you wear glasses?  Would you ever wear any of these frames?