Old and bunk: All the other Internet memes (naturally). New, awesome and sweeping the twittersphere: Draping. Oh, sorry: #Draping. That's right, it's where you steal a moment on a bench or couch to marvel at your own awesomeness, a la Don Draper. It's easy. Anyone can do it, and a lot of people are. Take a look at some experienced Drapers in action. 

Thanks to a Draping Tumblr, we have full access to the finest in the world's Drapers, but the learning curve isn't a big one. Some opt for the au naturel, while some go full tilt with Don's signature cigarette or glass of booze. It makes sense that something like this would trend so well on the 'net; first of all it's not as dangerous as planking. Second of all it looks way cooler than owling. And who doesn't want a heavy dose of Don Draper's own brand of cool? I know I do. Take a look at some pros in the gallery.

Are you going to try your hand at Draping?