While my past summer wardrobes have primarily consisted of vintage day dresses, this year I've decided to take a style plunge and be inspired by worldwide Spring/Summer fashion weeks. It seemed only natural to consult Vogue regarding the issue, and here are five looks that we're sure to be seeing as the weather warms up.

1. Bra-like crop tops.
I actually own the crop top in the photo above, and it is a dream. Pair the usually-revealing piece with high-waisted shorts, pants or skirts for a retro flare that's sultry without showing too much skin. (Also, as a woman with no abs, I can tell you that this top shows off just the right part of my stomach!)

2. Cars. OK, I know I said I wanted to move away from the vintage look, yet my first two picks have distinctly retro vibes. But I can't help what the fashion world says! The car prints seen on runways of Prada and others hint at a magical summer filled with road trips and adventures.

3. Iridescence. Fun, feminine and even a bit mystical, the iridescent look appeals to the magical fantasy princess in me. Try not getting noticed in a room while wearing something like Diane Kruger's Chanel dress up there.

4. Leather. Living in Texas, I'm a little (a lot) scared to try out leather in the summer. But a whopping twelve designers featured it on their runways this season, so it might be worth a shot. It would certainly be fun to put together a romantic biker look with!

5. Animal prints. What's more fun than cats all over your dress? Nothing, that's what! Animal prints are a cute, eye-catching way to style your summer wardrobe. I look forward to loading up on numerous variants on the trend that are sure to show up at Urban Outfitters.

What are your favorite up-and-coming summer trends?

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