It's hard to make a dessert yummy without eggs and oil. Especially oil; who wants to eat a boring, dry slice of cake when it can be made so much more delicious with a dash of the fattening stuff? And since life tends to be unfair when it comes to baking without high-calorie ingredients, "healthier" options usually just don't compare. Which is why I have an amazing treat (pun intended) for you, Lovelies: soda-based desserts. Find out more after the cut!

The only thing easier than baking a box of cake mix is baking it with soda. (And if you use the diet stuff, hey, no calories!) Normally, you would need eggs, oil and water to concoct a confection, but this treat simply calls for a can of your favorite soft drink. Just dump it in the mix, stir and bake! It's so easy, even for a pathetic baker like myself.

The best part about baking with soda is the flavor combinations that can be made. Cherry Coke goes well with a chocolate mix, orange soda makes for a delicious vanilla-based cake and one blogger had the yummy-sounding idea of mixing cranberry Sierra Mist with Funfetti. I also can barely describe how incredibly moist and thick soda-based cupcakes are. You'd think they were made with five tons of pudding, and your hands will be messy afterwards.

I think my high-reaching goal for the weekend will be to make a batch of soda cupcakes. Maybe I'll try root beer and chocolate, lime Coke and strawberry or even grape and vanilla! I'm sensing a Sunday of munching on sweets while watching Mad Men...

Have you ever tried baking with soda? What flavor combinations sound good to you?

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