Recently while reading a blog, I read a post about “The 10 Pan Challenge.” While I had no idea what this meant, I was intrigued. I kept reading to find out what it meant. Keep reading to see just what it means!


Apparently a lot of makeup bloggers challenge themselves to “hit the pan” of 10 of their makeup products before buying new ones. What a great idea?! While I love this idea, I don’t have that many different makeups, but I will try this for my lotions and perfumes.

This challenge is a great way to save money and space. I don’t know about you, but perfumes, lotions, makeups and other beauty products really break my bank. Not only are these products expensive, but they also take up space. The one shelf in my closet is full of perfumes and lotions. Hopefully I will be able to use up enough of them so that I can actually store clothes on that shelf again!

I always say that I want to use up my old products before buying new, but it never happens. Why? Because there are always sales or freebie gifts that I can’t resist, not to mention the always present want for a new scent.

But after reading the blog post about a month ago, I can say that I have not bought any new perfume or lotion. But I was given a travel-size bottle of lotion as a favor at a party. So technically, I did not buy it. But my birthday is coming up, and of course I’ve been asking for new perfumes. Oh no! I want to say good luck to anyone willing to do this challenge!

What do you think of “The 10 Pan Challenge”?

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