If there's anything the folks on Pinterest know how to do, it's repurpose a muffin tin. Sure, you can make boring old cupcakes, or you can make something that just happens to be in the shape of a cupcake... but is really so much more. It's like how everything is better in a tortilla — in this case, everything is better in personal-portion-sized cups. Take a look. 

Dangerous: Pepperoni pizza "cupcakes." You know you want those. Link here.

Use the back of a muffin tin to make these sugar cookie bowls. Or chocolate chip cookie bowls. Or oatmeal cookie bowls. Or...

Muffin tin calzones? I mean, if you like your pizza inside a dough bag... which I do. Link here.

Tiny taco bowls (!!!) Remember that thing I said about tortillas? These are double amazing. Link here.

Muffin tin lasagne. I feel like someone is speaking right... to me with this one. Link here.

Crab-(cup)cakes. Yes, sign me up for these, too. Link here.

Mini frittatas. I've actually made these before. You can throw anything in there and they'll turn out great. Pretty foolproof. Link here.

Muffin-size Meatloaf. I guess, if you're a meatloaf person. Recipe here.

Muffin Tin Mac'n Cheese. Now we're talking. See, they're designed to control portions... too bad I'd eat like eight in a sitting. Link here.

And, the coup de grace: The Muffin Tin Cheeseburger. Bow down to your leader here. Oh, and to go with that, make sure you check out Muffin Tin Chili Cheese Fries. Sorry about your diet.

Well, I think that covers all the food groups! In all seriousness, I have to hand it to the creative masses on Pinterest. Apparently they celebrate something called Muffin Tin Monday... I haven't figured out exactly what it is but the point is... food in the shape of cupcakes. There you have it. Thanks, pinners.

Which of these cupcake-shaped foods looks tasty to you?

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