I’ve heard a number of theories on how to achieve luscious locks, from eating eggs every day to brushing your hair while still in the shower. But one of the strangest hair theories out there is that taking prenatal vitamins helps hair (and nail) growth. Could it be true?

Let me preface this entry by saying that I haven’t consulted a doctor about taking prenatal vitamins when not pregnant. Only the good ol’ Internet and past experience have been my guide, so this is a research post as opposed to a “go out and take these” one. Got it? Good!

For those who don’t know, prenatal vitamins are supplements pregnant women take, which provide additional nutrients to her and the fetus. These vitamins are filled with woman-healthy goodies like iron, folic acid and other magic stuff. And apparently this concoction can have some pretty great side effects. Not-pregnant Jezebel writer Jenna Sauers reviewed some prenatal vitamins she currently takes, and the results sound impressive:

I’ve been taking them for a couple months and I’m not dead yet. In fact, I feel great and my hair, skin, and nails all look heaps better. My boobs, too…What I also love is that my nails are growing in stronger and less flaky than before. I’ve noticed a huge improvement, and as a lifelong-nail-biter-turned-manicure-obsessive, my nails were in pretty bad condition before these vitamins came into my life. They were soft and brittle and now they’re long and hard and look great even unpolished…My skin looks better than usual, too. And my boobs are ever so slightly bigger.

While Jenna says that she hasn’t seen hair improvement yet, I can attest to it! I took prenatal vitamins my senior year of high school, and saw notable changes in my locks. While the bottle certainly startled my Catholic school teachers at times, it was worth it for the shiny, thick mane I had. (I would have continued to take them, but then college struck and I didn’t have money to spend on vitamins that are more expensive than daily health supplements.) Now, I admit that I have thick, semi-healthy hair to begin with, so I can’t attest to their effect on other types. But they worked well on what I have! Perhaps it’s time for a trip to the drugstore vitamin aisle. [via Jezebel and Livestrong]

Have you ever tried taking prenatal vitamins for beauty reasons? How did it work? If not, would you give them a shot?

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