I wish I didn't have (in the past and currently) such a huge crush of Joey Lawrence. I was an avid 'Blossom' fan, I had a copy of the album he released on cassette, and watched 'Brotherly Love' way too much (considering how horrible that show was) He is just ridiculously handsome. All of the Lawrence brothers were at one point, but Joey, shaved head or not, still smoking hot.

I think I was always destined to find a career in hair; my parents saw it coming from a mile away. The reason? Most likely, if you ask me why I find someone attractive, it's usually the hair. My first kiss had an amazing butt-cut that had all the middle school girls swooning, and my current boyfriend has the most perfect, product-free coiffe I've ever laid my eyes on.

Joey is no exception to this rule. Despite his more recent choice to shave his head, memories of those brunette wavy locks are enough to keep my crush flame alive.

Did you have a childhood crush?  Was it Joey Lawrence?
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