Having a love of magazines makes it really hard for me to narrow down my favorites to just one. But somehow I was able to and I decided that as of right now, my favorite magazine is Harper's Bazaar. I am currently subscribed to four different magazines (Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Better Homes and Gardens and Cosmopolitan.) While each magazine is great in its own way, the one I look forward to the most each month is Harper's Bazaar.  

While every magazine tries to get a large readership, Harper's Bazaar is no different. I'll be honest. At first, I did not like Harper's Bazaar. I picked up a copy at my local grocery store and decided to buy it. I flipped through it and was unimpressed. Mind you, I did not read anything. I basically just flipped through it. I looked at some of the ads and glossed over some of the fashion spreads.

Being from a small rural town in the middle of nowhere, I could not believe how much the clothing cost that was being shown in this magazine's fashion spreads. A scarf for $196.00 as a steal?! What?! I think of a scarf for $5.00 as a steal. And most of the ads were for designer brands I had never even heard of. 

I decided to give the magazine another try. I sat down one Saturday afternoon and actually read through the magazine. I must say, I was thrilled to find out that the writing was amazing and the design was beautiful. As a designer, I completely loved how the magazine was set up. And I love that it was so easy to read. Since I was so impressed, I decided to see how much a subscription was. To my surprise, I was able to get a two-year subscription for only $12.00. And now this is the magazine I look forward to reading the most!

Here are the five main reasons I absolutely love reading Harper's Bazaar:

1. The Cover The subscription cover is different from the newsstand cover. There are basically no pesky cover lines, and the photos are absolutely gorgeous (as you can see above for all three covers). And I also love that my name/address information is on a sticker that can be easily removed. (That may be my OCD kicking in. Haha!)

2. The Writing Like I said before, the writing is flawless and super easy to read. And there is always a "day in the life" kind of feature, which features a different famous person each month. I love reading about famous people's daily lives, as weird as that may be.

3. The Design I love the design of this magazine. Everything seems to flow, and nothing looks out of place. Often, the words will mimic a photo on the opposite page, which I find very appealing.

4. The Ads Although I am way too cheap to buy anything advertised in this magazine, I do enjoy looking at the ads. Almost everything advertised is beautiful in its own way, and I feel ultra-glamorous reading a magazine that advertises such expensive products. (A girl can dream, can't she?)

5. The Quality This might seem weird, but I love the quality of the magazine. I love that I get a nice glossy cover and pages that don't tear easily, like some of the other magazines I'm subscribed to. I love that I can tell that the writers, designers, photographers, editors, etc. really put time and effort into their work to make a nice quality magazine.

What is your favorite magazine? What appeals to you in a magazine?

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