It's not the first time we've seen Courtney Stodden without her notoriously full face of makeup, but this is the first time Courtney has made an effort to show it to us. With all the buzz online lately about famous women going makeup-free, Courtney decided it was her turn. Now, let's make no false claims here: she is wearing makeup. Just not the full face we're used to. And you know what? In spite of her alluring poses, she looks like a pretty 17-year-old girl. 

I'll take any opportunity to promote a more natural face. Courtney has great features under all that makeup! I think she could do without all the face-paint and be just fine. Take a look at her recent "makeup-free" photo shoot in the gallery, as well as a shot (thanks to Perez Hilton) of Courtney before she married Doug Hutchinson and became the diva we know today.

ps We didn't include the more scandalous photos in our gallery because she actually looks her age in these photos, but you can see the whole gallery at Celebuzz if you want!