So, we can't all afford diamonds. Heck, my birthstone is a diamond and I don't even have one of my own. But the fashion forecasts are calling for luxe (finally) after seasons and seasons of simple cuts and modest accessories. There's a collision happening: It's whatever happens when you put Mad Men's current styles, the tacky-factor of the '90s, and the yachting-with-the-Kennedy's nautical trend that's happening right now, all in a martini shaker together and blend vigorously. The result? Awesome costume jewelry that adds over-the-top luxury to any look. Take a gander at some affordable pieces to add some sparkle to your spring style. 

The Cocktail Ring. There are a gazillion pictures out there on Tumblr of girls wearing so many rings it doubtless renders their hands completely useless, but the gooey glitz of it all turns us all into crows for a second (shinyyy). The key to achieving this look without handicapping yourself is to mix sizes. All your little rings are great, but a nice, big cocktail jewel can really bring it all together. All three rings from Asos.

The Modern Statement Necklace
. "Statement." We're all weary of the word. It has a connotation of cruise-ship attire and family heirlooms. But the truth is, your statement changes with your style, so these statement necklaces are updated — 2012 approved. Rock a modern statement necklace with a daytime look to bring a little spice to your wardrobe without looking like Holly Golightly. Necklaces from H&M, Etsy.

The New, Old Brooch
. Brooches are notoriously big, loud, and actually...awesome. The quirkier the better, in my opinion. So while there are a ton out there that look like little starbursts or jewel clusters, I'd aim for the ones that look like bugs or corsages. I mean, you're going to all the trouble to wear a brooch after all. Also, shopping vintage will save you some dough. Rock a brooch on a simple dress or on the lapel of your blazer for a touch of classic luxury — but if you really want to make a statement, place it over the top button of your oxford shirt. Instant sophistication. Brooches from Asos, Etsy.

Are you seeing stars yet? All this glitter is making me feel like royalty. I think the best part about costume jewelry is that it's designed to look luxurious without a massive price tag. I think all the items I've featured here are under $50, most under $25. So get your glitter on this season — you don't need an excuse to feel fancy.

Are you a fan of costume jewelry? 

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