Creative Facebook users have taken it to a whole new level thanks to the implementation of Timeline. Frankly, I don't care when Facebook changes their format, I'm going to use it anyway. But these users make it a lot more fun to look at!

Aren't you already dying to try your own? Check out more funny and creative Timelines below!

Guy's face on KP's body: hilarity ensues. I also love the giraffe body and "accusing the dog" covers. Any way that animals can be integrated into everyday life is an automatic win for me!

I also think it's interesting how people can include social commentary into their Facebook profiles. The passport cover that asks "Anything to declare?" really got me: is he trying to say that we are anonymous online and therefore think we're able to speak freely? Or is it that we truly are anonymous and our thoughts aren't heard? Food for thought.

Lovelies, what is your cover photo on Facebook? What's the most creative Timeline you've seen?

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