I’m a very frugal spender, but the one place you’ll never see me try and save is when it comes to tipping. My guidelines are usually 25% for a good waiter, 20% for an average one and 15% for a poor one. If someone is atrocious I may talk to the manager, but it still doesn’t mean I’m going to immediately leave the waiter making his $2.50-an-hour minimum wage. However, some people (like the poor excuse for a human seen above) seem to have a different set of rules when it comes to tipping. Check out a gallery of the worst of them!

While no one likes bad service, it’s good to remember that servers are people too, mistakes happen and some of them aren’t even their fault. If your steak isn’t cooked properly or the food tastes bad, that’s no excuse to poorly tip a good waiter. And, in my opinion, even if you had bad service, there’s better action to take than just leaving no tip and a passive-aggressive note.

How do you deal with bad waiters? Do you have any stories about getting bad service or being tipped poorly?