Allison of Amarixe 

I have a confession: I am addicted to watching beauty gurus on YouTube. Watching guru videos is a great way to discover new products, from both drug store and high end brands, while the tutorials teach things you’ve always wanted to learn (Smoky eye! Fishtail braid!), and generally provide inspiration for styling your makeup and clothing. Here are my personal favorite beauty gurus, in no particular order: 


Allison has an infectious personality, making her videos really fun to watch. Her makeup looks absolutely gorgeous is every video and her tutorials are superbly done, with interesting looks that are still easy to wear. 

EmilyNoel83 aka Beauty Broadcast

Emily’s day job is as a news anchor, and this leads to a high level of professionalism in her video. I love her videos because she does a lot of reviews on drugstore products, which is all a college girls like me can afford. One of her specialties is actually making videos about high-end makeup dupes from the drugstore! Her tutorials and reviews are always super easy to follow and extremely informative. 


Leesha has been on YouTube for a long time and is generally hailed as the queen of bright eye shadow. Whether wearing neon on your eyeballs is your thing or not, her videos are still great to learn new techniques or maybe just get inspired to add color into your everyday makeup.


I could do a whole post on British beauty gurus, but for now I’ll mention the guru who got me interested. Sammi has amazing style that is very edgy and fresh. In addition to tutorials and hauls, she has lots of videos on how to style a certain item of clothing and lookbooks for each season. She is definitely one of my style inspirations. 


Twin sisters Stephanie and Melissa gained subscribers with their DIYs, but they also do a lot of thrift hauls and stylings. If you’ve never thrifted, watching these girl’s videos will definitely make you a believer. 

Do you watch any of beauty gurus on YouTube? Who are your personal favorites?