Tumblr and other social media sites went through a bit of a scandal recently with the truth behind "thinspo" and "pro-ED" blogs coming to light. The girls (and guys) on these blogs encouraged unhealthy habits and extreme measures to be "beautiful." And a common saying on these sites is "when I'm skinny, I can wear the clothes I want to."

But there's a counter-culture in the shadows, a group of like-minded blogs dedicated to prove the above statement wrong — these are the "fatshion" blogs, blogs dedicated to loving your body and rocking your style loud and clear. 

Like anything at all opinionated on the internet, these bloggers are often met with a lot of hate. More often than not, they are told to stop stuffing their faces, get on a treadmill, and quit posting pictures of their "disgusting" bodies. But this is a stubborn bunch, and they will not give up the fight for body equality. Driven by their mutual love of fashion, this is a force to reckon with. 

The range of sizes amongst the ladies of Fatshion is widely diverse — from slightly chubby to morbidly obese, the variation in body types is much greater than that of mainstream fashion.

And the clothing styles of these blogs are all over the board: punk, goth, preppy, hipster, feminine, masculine, androgynous. And with stores like Torrid, and plus-sized lines from chain stores like Forever 21 and H&M, it's getting easier for larger girls to obtain cheap, fashionable clothes designed for their bodies. 

As Americans get bigger, so should our ideas of beauty. While it is important to stress healthy eating choices and daily exercise, body-shaming has never been a solution to our country's healthy issues. And these body-positive websites are leading our country's self-acceptance revolution, one blog at a time.

Rock on, girls. You're beautiful.