It seems almost unbelievable that one year ago yesterday was William and Kate’s fairy-tale wedding that brought about pop culture references that will probably be around for the next 50 years or more.

Let’s look at these iconic moments from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding: 

1. The Dress

Kate’s dress was shrouded in mystery before the ceremony. The moment she debuted the lace Alexander McQueen designed by Sarah Burton, her dress became the standard for wedding dress fantasies. It was displayed at Buckingham Palace for a while after the wedding, but now is out of the public eye, a treasure for Kate to keep to herself. 

2. Pippa’s train

Was the photographer just trying to get a picture of Kate’s train? Either way, Pippa certainly stepped out into the spotlight that day, launching an American obsession with both her booty and her personal style.

3. The cray hats

It could be argued that William’s cousins and their crazy hats almost created more buzz than Kate’s dress! Not going to lie, I kind of love them. Similar hats may or may not be required for my own wedding.

4. This cute picture

Royal tradition dictated that William and Kate have their first kiss as a married couple on the balcony, and it became a moment to remember, but let’s be real: that poor crying bridesmaid stole the show. 

What is your favorite memory from the royal wedding?