Men's fashion is so much more low-key than women's fashion. It's part of the reason some women feel angry about men looking so dang good sometimes without even trying. But we too can have this simplistic fashion joy!

1. Plain Underwear

Yes, I like looking like a superhero when I'm running around in my undies sometimes. But sometimes, just a 3-pack of something basic will do.

2. Tailoring Culture

When a guy buys a suit, he takes it to the tailor to get it completely customized for himself. When a lady buys a suit (or dress, for that matter) it absolutely has to fit perfectly the very first time you put it on. That's a lot of pressure for a machine-generated garment. Sometimes you're better off just paying someone to make sure it fits you.  

3. The Concept of "Less Is More"

Women walk out the door making sure they're wearing a good shirt, skirt, ring, bracelet, earrings, coat, matching shoes and a matching purse that will match. Men worry about whether their shirt and pants match. Who do you think is less stressed?

4. Style Mentors

If a guy has a friend or relative who is the same height and build as he is, they are automatic Style Buddies. He asks him for advice and often takes mental notes whenever he wears something particularly styin'. We ladies have become so obsessed with being unique that sometimes it feels like we've lost the opportunity to learn from each other. Not good!

5. Enlisting The Help of the Opposite Sex

Most women would only ask a guy for help picking out an item of clothing if they're going to be matching for a party or wedding. But guys ask us for help all the time if they have confidence in our ability to help them. Why don't we return the favor? Maybe our XY compadres will surprise us with their insight.

6. Honesty!!!

What do girls tend to say about each other's outfits, even if they look horrible? "Oh girl, you look so good!"

Guys, in the same situation: "Dude, that looks effin' awful. Try the Batman one."

Maybe this is why guy friendships are the themes of war epics and buddy flicks and we just get romantic comedies (usually involving backbiting).

7. Wash-and-Wear Being Standard

If a t-shirt you wear every day gets something spilled on it, you should be able to just dip it in the sink and rinse it out. Just sayin'.

8. Not So Much Hair Torture

Throughout most of history, guys have been the ones that just mousse-swirl-and-go. We were the ones killing our poor locks with burning, spraying, altering, and dying. Why? I'm betting our hair (or what's left of it, anyway) will thank us if we go old-school guyish.

9. Having A Few Staples That Never Go Away.

We all hear the same phrase every season: "Here's this season's LBD!" "Here's this year's take on the peacoat!" Here's an idea: How about we have some staples that ALWAYS stay the same? Women's fashion magazines come up with new must-haves every season, while men's fashion mags assume every guy owns a few key staples. It doesn't make any sense.

10. "I Was Running Late" Being A Valid Excuse.

Because sometimes you just are. And dang it, having too busy of a life to properly straighten your hair shouldn't be a crime.
What do you like about the culture of men's fashion? Is there anything else about the culture of women's fashion you think should change?