My birthday is coming up pretty soon (in 15 days to be exact), and I can’t wait. I’m turning 21, and I still like to make a huge deal about my birthday! While I’d be perfectly fine having a regular, homemade chocolate or vanilla cake, I’d love to have a really cool cake. That’s why I searched the internet for some fun birthday cakes, and these are my top 10 favorites. Check them out! 

My number one favorite choice would have to be the Nikon camera cake (above) because I love photography so much, and it’s a big part of my life. Other than that one, I think the white rose cake, the upside-down ice cream cone cake, and the multi-colored cake are really fun! No matter what my birthday cake looks like, I’ll be happy because it’s my birthday!

What cake is your favorite? What kind of cake do you want for your next birthday?

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