If you spend most of your relationship fighting with your partner, you may want to reevaluate your relationship... or your diet. 

Researchers at Ohio State University are launching a major study that may confirm the hypothesis that unhealthful diets are linked to marital stress. During the study, married couples are asked to attend two day-long research sessions together at Ohio State's Clinical Research Center. During each visit, blood samples are taken and the couples eat meals that appear identical. At one visit, the food is high in saturated fat,while the the other meal is low in saturated fat. The couples are asked to discuss a stressful subject in their marriage, such as finances, in-laws, annoying habits, etc. More blood is taken afterward to determine if the stressful discussions influence how the body processes the fat in the food by looking for changes in triglycerides. 

The head of the study Kiecolt-Glaser hypothesizes: "What you're eating may actually interact with your behavior, to make things worse in terms of your physiological response". 

Although the results won't be known until 2014, early predictions are that healthy diets = happy relationships.

What do you think of this study? Do you feel more prone to arguing after a day of unhealthy eating?