Honestly, I'm not really a Taylor Swift fan (even though she has the most amazing hair), I am a huge Shirley MacLaine fan. Apparently, so are Taylor Swift, Dianna Agron and their friends! The girls got all dolled up on tuesday in honor of Ms. MacLaine's 78th birthday.

Their evening looks pretty amazing in these photos Taylor Swift posted to her Instagram.

No, Ms. MacLaine was not there. I love that this didn't stop Taylor, Dianna, and their friends from finding something worth celebrating, and doing it right. Look at those incredible vintage dresses!!!

As a bonus, here is a list of my 4 fave Shirley MacLaine films. You should totally watch them.

  1. The Apartment
  2. Irma La Douce
  3. Coco Chanel
  4. Steel Magnolias


Happy Belated Birthday Shirley MacLaine!


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