I've never been one to believe in the healing power of gemstones, but I do have faith in their style. Gems can make an outfit more elegant, bohemian or cutting edge, depending on the look you're going for. I've compiled a list of my favorite stones after the cut; tell us yours in the comments section!

1. Labradorite. This ethereal-looking stone is amazing. I have a labradorite necklace, and it changes colors every two seconds, from grey to green, to teal to even purple. Its shapeshifting ability makes labradorite easy to pair with a number of outfit color combinations.

2. Moldavite. I have to admit that this stone is mostly cool because it comes from space. Kind of. 15 million years ago, a meteorite crashed into present-day Germany, and shards from the impact formed what we know as moldavite. How cool is that? Plus the stone's subtle green tone lends an earthy look to any ensemble.

3. Smoky quartz. There's something almost savory about the butterscotch hues of smoky quartz. And its brown tint makes the gem very subtle, while shades of gold still give it an elegant air.

4. White turquoise. While blue turquoise is gorgeous, it's hard to wear it without giving off a Southwestern vibe. Which is why white turquoise is almost just as good; you get the visually-stunning jolts of black against a pale background, without looking like a cowgirl.

5. Druzies. Druzies are the drag queens of the gemstone world; everything about them is over-the-top, flashy and fabulous. A druzy is always a statement piece, and the stone's sparkle arguably rivals that of diamonds.

I wear my labradorite necklace and druzy ring almost every day, and they make any outfit feel classy and glamorous. It's just hard to feel boring when you have an amazing gemstone on!

What are your favorite gemstones? What do you like to pair them with?

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