While reading one of the design blogs I follow, I noticed a post about a white tray. I'm completely in love with home decor, and I love trying new things, so this really got my attention. The blogger used this white tray to hold books and show off meaningful objects, and it looked so nice sitting on the table in her reading room. Since I read that post, I've been on a mission to find a tray for myself. There are so many ways to use them, and they can really add to a room.

I personally want a tray for my dresser. It tends to get cluttered with magazines, homework assignments, to-do notes, shopping lists etc. I really want a clutter-free look in my room, and I feel that a tray would be the perfect way to contain all of my random junk (I mean, important papers). 

I went shopping for a tray today, and I couldn't find exactly what I wanted. But lucky for me, my dad knows how to build one! Since I found out that he would be willing to make one for me, I went to Pinterest to find the exact style I want. It may take me a while to choose just one. Take a look at the gallery to see my favorites.

What would you use a tray for? Which one is your favorite?

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