recently honored Beyoncé with the title of "world's most beautiful woman." And while she's obviously stunning, I think we all know that makeup probably played a significant role in her photoshoot for the magazine. Cosmetics (and Photoshop) are the norm in the industry, and it's no surprise that Beyoncé had some touch-ups. But People did play an interesting card in its issue by featuring other beautiful women without makeup. Check them out after the cut!

Most celebrities without makeup still look like semi-less glamorous versions of themselves. Zooey, however, looks...well, like an average woman. She's still beautiful, but it's nice to know that there's someone that somewhat resembles me under the cosmetics and false eyelashes! Mad Men's Jessica Pare, however, still looks camera-ready.

You can see one more shot of Paris Jackson (who is 14, so the "no makeup" look really doesn't have much of an impact) at the source.

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