The other day while out shopping, someone (a guy from DirecTV to be exact) asked me what kind of cable I have. I told him that I just have antenna cable, and he gave me a really weird look. Apparently not having cable is a huge deal! 

Now, you're probably wondering if I've had cable before. No, I have not. I have never had cable. I still live with my parents, and they don't see the need for cable. Like many people, we are on a budget and cable is not a necessity in our eyes. We don't have cell phone plans either. But we do have internet. My family is all about saving money, and buying the things that we really need. And now-a-days, having an internet connection is pretty important (especially for college students, like me). But still, cable is not as necessary in my eyes.

Although I do not have cable, I have dated guys who have cable. They found it quite weird that I didn't have cable, but they got over it. My fiance has cable, and every time I'm at his house I request to watch cartoons or shows directed at little kids. I'm not into reality shows at all! We'll either watch cartoons or movies. While this might sound like I'm trying to relive my childhood, I assure you that I'm not. I just don't like the nonsense that is aimed at my age group. Sorry to offend any of you Jersey Shore fans, but that's just not what I call entertainment. 

With that said, I should also say that I only make time to watch one show a week. One of my favorite shows, 90210, is on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m., and I make sure not to miss it. Other than that, I watch a couple of shows a week on

I think that not having cable my whole life has sheltered me. But I think of that as a good thing. Growing up, I didn't know all the "bad" things that were broadcast on cable. I think my parents liked it that way. I also think that this has made me more aware of what's really necessary and what's luxurious. Instead of spending my time in front of the tube as a child, I was outdoors playing games with my siblings and friends.

What do you think about cable? Do you consider it a necessity? 

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