Rain is always falling down. Spring to summer, fall and winter, those raindrops do not discriminate between seasons. And now that I'm graduating and moving on to (hopefully) having a big-girl job, hooded sweatshirts just won't cut it anymore!

Check out some extremely cute hairstyle saving umbrellas below!

1. Multicolored


This colorful umbrella can make even the dullest of days a little bit brighter!

2. Heart Shaped

Perfect for showing what a big heart you have, or walking with the ones you love.

3. Wildlife Printed

This is my favorite by far, mostly because I love animals and arrow (but not when the two coincide). It's sort of a dreamy print on a black background, and the yellow pops out so well.

4. French Phrase

Sacre bleu! As a decent French speaker, this made me laugh out loud on sight! If you don't speak the language of love, just understand that there's a reason it's sold in the states in a language not spoken by all.

5. Inside Print

Create your own thunderstorm inside this playful parasol! This made me instantly think of Harry Potter, maybe I'll use it next time I wander into Hogsmeade in the rain!

6. Peekaboo Cat

Cats are 1) hilarious and 2) adorable and this quirky sunshade brings out the best qualities of our feline friends. If only it purred when it stopped pouring.

7. Color Changing

This is awesome. This umbrella's base changes color when raindrops hit it! Kind of like the color-changing bathroom tiles, but this version you can show off!

8. Colorful See Through

I love these umbrellas because you can fully hide yourself and still see where you're going. How much fun are they?

9. Paisley

Paisley print in the spring? Enough said.

After seeing all these cute little covers, I'm kind of anticipating my next shopping venture to have umbrella searching in it. Bring it on, rainy days!

Lovelies, what's your favorite umbrella? Do you have a preference?

Via Buzzfeed