The web is full of interesting finds, especially in fashion, including some of the weirdest jeans ever designed. Even weirder is that some major Hollywood stars have word some of the most interesting jean trends. Ever.

So 1998 was 14 years ago. I know, that's a pretty long time for styles to grow and trends to change (thank goodness)! But some of these looks are denim disasters no matter what year they were worn in.

Fringed and bedazzled jeans? Full body denim? Cargo jeans with pockets to fit my 10-pound cat? And really, Pink? She pulled out all of the stops with those g-string reminiscent/fur coat/gold crop top ensemble. She must have some pretty large lady cojones. But I guess she wouldn't really be the Pink we know and love without them!

Lovelies, which denim look do you think is the most disastrous?

Via Huffington Post