Here it is folks: The Cheese Burger Crust Pizza. Honestly, it's not so surprising that this product exists — the Doritos taco shell saw to that — but what is surprising is that it doesn't exist in America, land of the hungry, home of the fat. The cheeseburger crown-crust pizza is only available at Pizza Huts in the Middle East...unfortunately? Check out the appetizing(?) commercial after the cut

Nutritional facts haven't been released, but I can't even imagine the calorie count on something like this. Apparently there's a "lighter" version of this pizza that has chicken patties instead... slathered in a different variety of toppings and sauces. On the other hand, can it really be called a pizza? Or is this some new super-beast created by evil geniuses to make us fat and complacent while they take over the world...?

Still it amazes me that the not-so-over-the-top folks in the Middle East (let's face it, Americans tip the obesity scales worldwide by a huge margin) were the first to jump on this epic new food group. America, I thought you were serious about having the hardest arteries around? What gives?

Okay but all joking aside, this is terrifying to me.

Would you ever order a pizza with cheeseburgers in the crust?

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