After reading a letter/article written by Brooke Stein about Victoria's Secret, it got me thinking. While the author was very upset with her last visit to her local Victoria's Secret, I have noticed that I haven't been shopping there much lately either. A lot of their bras, panties, etc. are becoming overly stylized and a bit too bejeweled for my taste. Has the popular lingerie store become too tacky for everyday wear? 

In the "letter" to Victoria's Secret, Brooke mentioned that she was just trying to find a nude bra, and she couldn't find one anywhere. She finally asked a salesclerk for help, and she was only able to find a light-beige bra that did not match her skin tone. Brooke also ranted about the fact that nude bras should come in all skin tones, so that every girl can get a bra that matches her skin.

But back to the point. It was hard for her to find a regular bra because there were too many leopard printed, glittery, ruffled bras in the way. I've noticed that it is pretty difficult to find a plain bra in Victoria's Secret. Almost every single time I do find a plain bra that I really like, I'm never able to find my size so I just give up and leave empty-handed.

Is this the start of something? Is Victoria's Secret becoming too over-the-top? I mean, I understand why they want to have such glittery, eye-catching lingerie. Of course, you want to get your guy's attention! But some days, you just want to be comfortable and cute. Is that too much to ask?

So Lovelies, what do you think? Has Victoria's Secret become tacky?

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