Beyoncé is People magazine's most beautiful woman
. Seriously, can we really argue with that? I can't. I mean, People crowns someone with this award each year, and has this been Beyoncé's year or what?! She brought a beautiful new baby girl into the world, Blue Ivy Carter, for starters. Not to mention how she's managed to brilliantly shake the bloodthirsty paparazzi by posting her own photos periodically to her Tumblr. Now she can be seen in Jay-Z's proud stomping grounds of New York City on a regular basis rocking insane fashion and looking effortless in the process. In honor of Beyoncé's recognition, let's round up some of her best looks from this year

She sure looks great all made-up and airbrushed in People's publicity photo, but we can't forget how naturally flawless Bey (and her sister) are in those amazing photos she posted to her blog last month. Her style and beauty transcend the public eye, and she seems to be the mom, celebrity, and significant other who really has figured out how to have it all. They didn't ask me to weigh in, but if they had I think she'd have been my first choice, too. Take a look through the gallery at our favorite looks from Beyoncé's last year!

What are your favorites of Beyoncé's looks?

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