Spring is a great season for scarves. I love to add a cute scarf to an outfit; it just makes the outfit pop. I've noticed that I get bored tying my scarf the same way all the time, so I hit up Pinterest for some tips. And of course, Pinterest never disappoints. Keep reading to see the 40 ways to tie a scarf and a gallery of five scarves for under $10.00. 

Take a look at all the ways you can tie a scarf. And I've been tying mine the same for years? I guess I need to get with the program and try out some of these styles.

Maybe you have a bunch of scarves already, or maybe you only have a select few. Check out the gallery if you need to update your scarf collection. These five scarves are super cute and also very affordable. Each of them are under $10, and you can purchase them from Charlotte Russe or Forever 21. What a great deal and a great way to add to an outfit.

What kinds of outfits do you like to wear scarves with?

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