Everybody loves candy on a stick, at least by "everybody" I mean myself. I've always had a wicked sweet tooth, but as I've gotten older my tastes have become more refined. For example, at age six or so I used to just eat sugar out of the sugar bowl in the kitchen... there's really nowhere to go but up from there I guess. So naturally these gourmet lollipops from Lollyphile are whetting my sugar-demon within right now, but some of the flavors go beyond creative into... questionable territory. I mean, a Sriracha lollipop

You heard right, a lollipop flavor for everyone's favorite hot sauce to put on everything, sriracha. The lead photo is their absinthe flavor, and they don't stop there with the alcoholic beverage theme. Others include: Bellini flavor (be still my peach-lovin' heart), White Russian (sweet heaven), bourbon, and amaretto, to name a few. And then it gets wacky — habañero tequila, maple bacon, and Party G1rl... a party-enducing cake-icing flavor. Wait a second. These folks sound like they know me, like they've dialed into my personal tastes. Could it be? Well I don't know them personally, but these brunch-loving, tequila sipping folks live right here in Austin, Texas. That makes sense. Take a look at the gallery for all the flavors, or check out their full site here. [source]

Would you try any of these wacky flavor combos?